The best way to celebrate a romantic love story begins with a special trip. Unforgettable places, perfect to fulfill the dream of the sweetest love.
Excelsior Tour knows that the honeymoon is not a simple holiday: if the wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life, the honeymoon should be a unique moment, an unforgettable the one to seal that promise.
Over the years the dream travel concept has changed, it evolved: it’s no longer just a destination, a route or a detailed program chosen for duty, but it is the set of experiences of a couple who will become emotions and memories that will remain forever.
First as a person and then a couple everyone has its own peculiarities that the journey has to satisfy and exalt. Our mission is to achieve the “dream”; to make the experience memorable is not enough only the dream destination or the ideal time, because the experiences and attitudes of each change the perception of a service.
We will help the bride and groom to choose the best trip suited to their personality, we aim to answer all questions, so as to achieve the best outcome, because more will be targeted and based on the characteristics of the couple, the more we will have contributed to the unforgettable ‘ experience of the couple.
We are constantly updated on the news of the world tourism that allows us to create customized individual trips, with competitive prices.
From the Mediterranean to the Maldives, from the Caribbean to Polynesia, crossing the Indian Ocean, we will follow your trip planning step by step selecting for you hotels, villages and resorts that will welcome you in the best way, making you really feel like you have never been.
If the honeymoon became the first years of ‘900 a mass phenomenon of modern times as a ceremony to release the stress of everyday life, the honeymoon is now the holiday that is done only once in life, we at Excelsior Tour the we would become the perfect honeymoon.

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